Contracted Therapeutic, Psychological, Psychiatric, and Substance Use Disorder Treatment Services


Little Sand contracts with an MSW, LICSW licensed therapist who is on-site once per week and is also available for remote appointments when necessary. Staff consult with the therapist weekly in order to address the individualized needs of each resident and adjust treatment planning accordingly.


Little Sand works collaboratively with a licensed psychologist from the Duluth Psychological Clinic for psychological evaluations. These evaluations are for the purpose of coordination of care and optimal treatment planning and implementation for the individual resident.


Little Sand partners with Northland Counseling Center for medication management. The psychiatrists provide ongoing medication management throughout the resident’s stay, consulting with Little Sand staff prior to each appointment and as needed.

Substance Use Disorder

Little Sand contracts with Nystrom and Associates for outpatient chemical dependency services including assessments and, if recommended, remote treatment in the form of individual and group sessions.

On-site Alternative School

Little Sand has an on-site learning center, staffed by School District 118, with a Master’s degree full-time special education teacher, a full-time paraprofessional and numerous on and off-site regular education teachers providing individualized curriculum and instruction through a variety of methods and strategies. The partnership between ISD 118 and Little Sand is strong, with a long history of success working together to provide the best educational experience possible for our residents/their students.

Public school is available to residents who are experiencing success in the alternative school setting or to best serve the current needs of the resident. Educational placement is determined by the treatment team upon intake and is modified accordingly over the course of the resident’s stay. Little Sand staff meet with school staff regularly to discuss residents’ academic progress and address concerns as they arise.

Alternative School
Recreation and Exercise

Little Sand offers a wide variety of structured daily recreation and leisure activities to residents year round. Our activities include indoor (use of our indoor recreation center) and outdoor recreational groups and activities 3-5 times per week. During the summer months, residents are provided with daily recreational groups and activities as well as weekly outings to open them up to new experiences and create lasting memories.

Psychoeducational Groups

Little Sand provides various psychoeducational groups such as Not a Number (SEY Curriculum), Independent Living Skills, Life Spaces Crisis Intervention Skills for Youth and Cultural Awareness and Education.  

Not a Number

Not a Number, created by Love146, is an interactive child trafficking and exploitation prevention curriculum designed to provide youth with information and skills in a manner that inspires them to make safe choices. Youth learn to identify and utilize healthy support systems that may decrease their vulnerabilities and risk for exploitation.

Life Spaces

The Life Space Crisis Intervention Group Curriculum is an eight-session curriculum designed to teach adolescent students and clients the basic concepts of Life Space Crisis intervention. The Group Curriculum helps kids learn about self-defeating behaviors and how to avoid falling into these troublesome patterns.

Independent Living Skills

Little Sand utilizes Youth Skills for LIFE created by Project LIFE. This is an independent living curriculum for young people in need of learning, enhancing, or supporting life skills to effectively transition into adulthood. It focuses on six of the National Youth in Transition Database categories, including Career Preparation, Health and Nutrition, Money Management, Education, Housing and Home Management and Risk Prevention.

Cultural Awareness and Education

Little Sand conducts monthly cultural awareness and educational groups which consist of experiential activities, crafts, offsite learning opportunities, movies, and along with other learning formats.

Group activities
Individualized Treatment Planning

Each resident is assigned a case manager who works closely with the resident, placing agents, family and/or guardians, therapists and educational staff, as well as other individuals or providers involved in the care and treatment of the youth. A resident’s treatment plan is developed by consultation with the youth and all members of the youth’s team to develop treatment goals, determine appropriate services and collaborate regarding all aspects of the youth’s program and stay at Little Sand.

Individualized Treatment